Thursday, March 02, 2006


Looking at a magazine called "Krazy Club" in Simon & Schuster's offices in London yesterday, we (adults) felt blinded by the scramble of content on the page. But it has 10,000, hmm.. "readers" all used to absorbing visuals at a rapid rate. I've heard US ad agencies claim that if adults can absorb the content in a kids commercial it's too slow for children. .

Today, in Paris, I notice the same trend in the youth fashions.

Patterns over patterns, faux coffee sacks turned into T-shirts (numbers and words jumbled together) over ruffled skirts and everwhere display windows add one more item, long narrrow, knotted multi-color scarves.

In the US, I see socks over bright tights, and a pile-up of tanktops one over the other. Look up t-shirt surgery to see how this trend explodes into a profusion of teen creativity.


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