Thursday, March 09, 2006

These boots are made for hopscotch

The most visible fashion on the Paris streets this season, is a landscape of boots in every
variety of coolness and chic-ness. At first, I noticed them on young women but, soon,
I saw that mothers and daughters were sporting the same styles.

The most prevalent, are knee-boots worn outside of skin-thin jeans. A
primary variation on that is the fold-over knee-boot. Kind of like "The
Three Musketeers".

Then comes the ankle-boot and the fold-over ankle boot. Often with a
3-inch heel (OK, not on the kids) , or with mouton fur on the part that folds out.

Very cool.

Other than that, you see variations on cowboy boots. Knee length, cowboy
length or ankle length. These are often adorned in multiple shades and
colors and plenty of leather-work

Most surprising, there are moccasins. But, bien sur, these are knee high,
including beads and leather tassels.

Could US girls be persuaded to shed their athletic shoes and Uggs?


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