Thursday, June 15, 2006

All Candy Expo: wrapp(er) up

Here's Marie Pavlich's list of Key Candy Trends

She walked the floor with her notebook in hand. I walked it, too, notebookless, and I agree.

-Energy and vitamin supplements added to candy (i.e Jelly Belly “Sport Beans”, Jolt gum for weight management)
-Portion Control Candy (i.e 100 calorie bars, Nestle “Stixx”)
-Sugar free candy or candy w/out refined sugar
-Dark chocolate versions of popular candy bars b/c of antioxidants
-Brand licensing out to other brands (Florida’s Natural candy, Jolt gum)

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Blogger la profe said...

Very cool. Too bad the original Candy Queen and Sugar Monster weren't with Marie when she went trendspotting at the Candy Show!!

6:52 AM  
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