Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wonk'd Out Room

Wonka promotions contain real kid trends and insights. Today, I noticed that they're offering "Build a Factory Room" online to win a cool room. Why it's on-trend: kids are taking control of their room decor--and kids relish designing environments on-line, too. This lets them do both.

Wonka's first insightful promo was "Wonkaaaah" The insight: for kids roller coasters provided a rite of passage--they tied the scream to the brand with boxes that screamed "Wonkaaah" to show you'd won. (Full disclosure, my previous team created that one).

Prediction: Next prize trend will be chances to glamorize rooms in kids' virtual worlds.

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Anonymous Izzy Neis said...

Hey, Colleen!!

Isn't that cool? I would have LOVED to decorate my own room in a crazy fashion as a kid. There have been some reality/game shows for kids based on this-- in the UK they had kids send the parents away while the kids redecorated the whole house the way they wanted (completely with bilevel slides and such), and in the states (on Discovery I believe), they ahd a game show where pairs of friends would switch rooms and redecorate for the weekend the way they believed their friend would want the room.
Kids are always up for anything that gives them faux-adult empowerment/responsibility. Anything that allows their game of pretend-adult to have some real effects (to show that they DO matter). It's awesome :)

10:47 AM  

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