Saturday, July 21, 2007

Colleen's tips for great kid POP

A trip to New York last week took me past the winning windows of FAO Schwartz where they masterfully use scale (giant animals), color, texture and "touch-me" appeal. How can you give your product that kind of power in a crowded store environment?

1. Get down on your knees, look at the store from a child's perspective. That will tell you where to concentrate your POP.

2. Remember young children can't read well. Emphasize visuals.

3. No need to be literal. Kids are happy to believe that elephants can fly. Tap into their vast imaginations.

4. Floor graphics work better for kids than for adults. They're closer.

5. Inflatables look like balloons, balloons are toys, ergo: inflatables communicate fun.

6. Consider an involvement device--kids love to touch everything. Can it spin, does it have a handle, could you include a button that makes a funny noise?

7. Empower them. Can you provide their own bag, bubble or basket to do their shopping with?

8. Think big. Could your product sponsor a play area in the front of the store? Cadbury does that in southeast Asia.

9. Everything that your mother tells you isn't tasteful is delightful to kids. Sparkles, flocking, holograms, neon colors...the more the merrier.

10. Put a prize in the package and kids will love you.

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