Sunday, February 18, 2007

Spoonfuls of Stories

Here's my prediction: We're about to see more kids' foods doing tie-ins with publishers.


Because it's getting hard to stand out from the crowd of brands that are encouraging physical activity. And as food companies keep feeling pressure, they're going to respond with new things that are deemed good for kids.

Ergo: reading

Notice the Mom-friendly promotion on the cover of Cheerios box. It's an on-pack book for pre-readers, with publisher, Simon & Schuster--it's part of a larger program called "Spoonful of Stories." The book is "Horace and Morris Join the Chorus."

Watch for a chorus of reading-related promotional programs in 2007/2008.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kids and cooking shows

Did you know that U.S kids love watching Rachel Ray? And that cooking shows are drawing them into the kitchen?

This pic is from Rachel Ray's kid page--it invites children to submit recipes that may be selected to be featured. Another example of kid-influenced content!

This is great news for parents who want to introduce new IS well-known that kids are more likely to sample what they prepare themselves.

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