Friday, March 30, 2007

Daddy vs. Mommy sales effect

At the 2007 Youth Marketing Mega Event, two intriguing pieces of information made me crinkle my brow:

1. Wynne Tyree of Smarty Pants talked about DADS' influence on practically all the electronics purchases in the home.

2. The next morning Steve Knox of P&G's Tremor, shared a case history in which they tested a separate message to MOMS along with their normal "trend spreader" teens to sell an MP3 player.

The effect was to raise sales 300%--much higher than the 75% garnered by the teen message alone.

Assuming that Wynne is right (as I do), what's happening here? Are the Moms asking the Dads for advice? Cluing them in? Any theories?

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Edgar & Ellen's April Fools' Day Prankemonium!

Woohoo! I just got back from New York where they told me that Nicktoons Network will celebrate Edgar & Ellen in a big way on April Fools' Day.

Not only will they premiere our "Nobody's Fools" special--but they intend to run each of the other four specials, too. I'll let you figure out their seasons by their titles: "Accept No Substitutes," "Trick or Twins," "Cold Medalists," "Crushed."

The mishcievous pranksters series will debut in August.

Is it wishful thinkig or do I detect a new trend brewing?

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

India, meet Mexico

So much kids promo activity in the kids' food space in Gurgaon outside of Delhi! I witnessed corresponding purchases for all but one of the promotions that I saw on TV. That's as hot, hot, hot as I've ever seen in my marketing life.

It makes me think of something I once heard about Sabritas (Frito-Lay) sales in Mexico. A huge portion of sales are connected to a consumer promotion. Want to guess? It's purportedly 80% !

This promotion was a sweepstakes for an XBox. There was one on display in the store. These boys had already put it in their parents' cart. But they were proud to take it out to show me (and you).

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Kid promos in Delhi

I had been in India for less than 24 hours when I saw a TV commercial for this promotion on a kids cable channel and then witnessed this boy put the product (Sunfeast noodles) in his cart at a grocery store called "Big Bazaar".

His indulgent father pointed at the premium to indicate why his son had chosen these particular noodles. There was abolutely NO resistance from his parents to this purchase.

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