Thursday, June 15, 2006

All Candy Expo: wrapp(er) up

Here's Marie Pavlich's list of Key Candy Trends

She walked the floor with her notebook in hand. I walked it, too, notebookless, and I agree.

-Energy and vitamin supplements added to candy (i.e Jelly Belly “Sport Beans”, Jolt gum for weight management)
-Portion Control Candy (i.e 100 calorie bars, Nestle “Stixx”)
-Sugar free candy or candy w/out refined sugar
-Dark chocolate versions of popular candy bars b/c of antioxidants
-Brand licensing out to other brands (Florida’s Natural candy, Jolt gum)

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Printer's Row with Rick Carton and Ellla Jenkins

Yesterday at the Printer's Row Book Fair in Chicago, adults got deeply engaged in the enjoyment of two charming events aimed at children.

One was a performance by the immortal Ella Jenkins still delighting and involving audiences with her harmonica, tambourines and her magical presence. The other was a lively animation workshop run by the irrepressible Rick Carton, illustrator of the Edgar & Ellen book series--showing how the book characters had evolved into cartoon characters and stories.

Both of these talented and free-spirited personalities had attracted as many adults as children.

Kids may be gettting older younger, but adults are also staying younger longer.