Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Baby/bebe cribs

According to Kids Today, many of the big gains in Baby Crib sales from now through 2012 are projected to come from Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas.

That makes me suspect that we'll soonl be seeing more biligual Spanish/English activity toys, video games and TV shows, more non-blond dolls, more tamarind and mango baby foods. What else?

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Twin wins for Edgar & Ellen at Elan Awards

The mischievous twins sneaked off with two top prizes at Canada's Elan Awards, winning both Best Art Direction and Best Series.

Their Valentine’s Special “Crushed” (in which Edgar’s heart is temporarily broken) won the award entitled “Best Production Design or Art Direction” which may have helped mend his heart. But if it didn’t, Edgar and his identical twin sister Ellen should be celebrating the fact that they took the Seven Group Award for Best Animated Production – Television Series.

For me the real prizes come in the hundreds of emails from kids on, like this one from 10 year old Sara, last week, "Hello, I really like your cartoons and your books! At first Isaw alot of people reading it, and I wondered if it was as good as people said it was. I really like Pet because he is so ugly he's cute, sneaky, and mysterious."

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Little Kids and Candidates

On the heels of Brarak Obama's recent sweep, I'd like to share a finding reported by parents. Their kids love to run around the house saying, "Obama, Obama, Obama!" It's fun in their mouths.

A word to the wise: remember to look for this syllabic bounce when you're naming a kid's brand.

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